I can't upgrade my distro anymore

Ah finally.
Theres the actual error.

Now … why do you need multiple shutter-encoders?
Or need it at all?

I dont know … but my guess would be something about your 3rd-party-packages has changed … probably simply the dependency changed from ‘shutter-encoder’ to ‘shutter-encoder-bin’ (or the other way around) … so now you are trying to install that needed dependency, but it conflicts with the package you already have.

And none of this made sense because pacman can not manage the aur … and then … I realized


This shouldnt be here either.

Anyhoo … you have to handle your dependencies. Maybe the easiest would be to remove your existing shutter package and then continue.

(Edit. Now better “then” than it was. :person_facepalming:)

"Dependency resolution...
Searching for conflicts between packages...
Error: an unsolvable package conflict has been detected
Error: Transaction preparation failed (dependency conflict)
:: shutter-encoder-bin and shutter-encoder are in conflict"
sudo pacman -R shutter-encoder-bin

Would this not solve it? This was installed from the AUR, I’m guessing (haven’t looked).

[sudo] Mot de passe de manjaro :
erreur : impossible to find target : shutter-encoder-bin

What is the output of:

pacman -Qi shutter-encoder | grep 'Required By\|Optional For'

… and:

pacman -Qi shutter-encoder-bin | grep 'Required By\|Optional For'

this is a package from the aur.
please run this first and report

pamac update -a --force-refresh

Scrolling up, Chaotic AUR is mentioned.

i did:

sudo pacman -R shutter-encoder
 sudo pacman -Syu glibc-locales --overwrite /usr/lib/locale/\*/\*

It solved everything thanks

Most welcome. Cheers.


I dont know why this was so long and difficult … this could have been managed in 2 posts if the actual error was shared way back originally.

Still, now you probably have to deal with some things like your pacnews because [community] repo no longer exists.


It was painfully slow, right?! His problem is fixed; that’s the important thing – no matter which post he used to achieve it. :wink:

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