I can't restore the sessions after reboot in KDE

Hello, I just want to restore the sessions I uesd last time, however, when I choosed the options like the image, it does not work. I have searched the answers for a long time, but I cannot find something that can really help me to find out what’s wrong with my computer. Hopfully you can help me.

Finally, I would like to state the effect that I want to achieve, which can restore all sessions before I shut down last time, including chrome, Firefox, etc


Use the first option in both Default Leave Option and in On Login. On my end all the applications i had opened, the placement of the windows on screen got restored after shut down.

Hello, thanks for your help.
However, after apply your method, I reboot the machine, and the windows appear like before(althouth there is still no chrome, and the wifi manager ask me to give wifi password), it’s exciting case the windows appear, then i do an experiment, change windows position and open chrome again and reboot. But the screen appears the same as last time, and ask wifi password again…It’s really weird, but I don’t how to find the reason why it happend since I don’t now the principle of restore sessions. If there is any data you need, please let me know. Thank you again for your help.

And there is an other point that when I apply your method, when I reboot, the shutdown progress is prevent by a task until 1m’30s passed. I don’t know what will going on if there is something wrong happend while the system force killed the progress. Sorry for bringing this up so late.