I cant login to manjaro stuck on login screen

I’m stuck on the login screen I accidentally deleted kwin the compositor Aur through the add or remove apps by pressing uninstall because I was trying to install kwin low latency but that wouldn’t install either so I reinstalled kwin compositor through add or remove apps and minutes later my screen blacked out so I reboot and now I can’t login usually below the login button it says what session I’m about to log into like “Session: KDE PLASMA” but now it’s blank and I went into the TTY with ctrl alt f2 and first thing it showed me was -bash .config/kwinrc permission denied and -bash compositing command not found

First, fix permissions on .config folder/files:
sudo chown -R $USER: ~/.config
Reinstall the following packages
sudo pacman -Syyu plasma-workspace kwin kf5
then reboot your system with
systemctl reboot

It didn’t work the first time so I went in TTY and repeated the commands you told me and it worked! Thank you so much I thought my newly installed OS was gone for good. But now the desktop is just black I can’t right click on it but I have a Firefox browser open, my latte dock is messed up and system settings appear in individual tabs now

Sounds like you removed more stuff than i anticipated, or your settings got corrupted somehow.
Please reinstall manjaro-kde-settings then copy the content of /etc/skel to your home directory and reboot again
sudo pacman -S manjaro-kde-settings
cp -R /etc/skel/.* ~
and then again

I managed to fix it by reinstalling plasma-desktop and using kstart5 plasmashell in the terminal. I checked every folder in the home directory and it looks like I still have my files. I feel like I might be missing some important packages though. Should I go ahead and reinstall KDE settings or should I just leave it as it is?

Is worth to check indeed if you have some missing packages and fix that in order to avoid any further issues.

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