I cant install please help me

I downloaded 3 virsion of manjaro and test it I had a problem, when i open the installation page and complete the installation steps after that when i click on install bottom the installation window disappeared
How can I fix it?

When you have booted your live usb can you open a terminal and show us the output of
inxi -Fz

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Hi @Vizivary, and welcome!

In order for us, or anyone for that matter, to be able to provide assistance, more information is necessary. To that end, please see:

Hope you manage!

:bangbang: Tip: :bangbang:

To provide terminal output, copy the text you wish to share, and paste it here, surrounded by three (3) backticks, a.k.a grave accents. Like this:

pasted text

Or three (3) tilde signs, like this:

pasted text

This will just cause it to be rendered like this:

Portaest sed
cursus nisl nisi
hendrerit ac quis
tortor sit leo commodo.

Instead of like this:

Portaest sed elementum cursus nisl nisi hendrerit ac quis sit adipiscing tortor sit leo commodo.

Alternatively, paste the text you wish to format as terminal output, select all pasted text, and click the </> button on the taskbar. This will indent the whole pasted section with one TAB, causing it to render the same way as described above.

Thereby improving legibility and making it much easier for those trying to be of assistance.

:bangbang::bangbang: Additionally

If your language isn’t English, please prepend any and all terminal commands with LC_ALL=C. For example:

LC_ALL=C bluetoothctl

This will just cause the terminal output to be in English, making it easier to understand and debug.

Please edit your post accordingly.

Hi and welcome to the Forum :+1:

On top of the advice @Mirdarthos gave you:
(because it is obvious that your native language is not English)

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There is a known issue with the Quonos installer slideshow which makes the installer crash without warning.

The condition is not predictable but but there seems to be a pattern Intel N- series and i3 with 4G RAM.

The current solution is to use an earlier installer which do not use the new slideshow.

Another option is to install manually using commandline.