I cant install anything from Add/Remove software

I cannot install anything from the official software. Everytime, I get “Please answer [e]xit or [c]ontinue”. How do I fix this?

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have you tried entering c?


I’m facing the same problem. New installation (manjaro-kde-20.0.3-200606-linux56.iso) on a Lenovo T460s notebook and I’m not able to update, install or remove applications from the “paket manager” or what’s the name of the program. It stays at “Starting Post-Transactions-Hooks…” and asks for “Please answer [e]xit or [c]ontinue” several times a second - but no input can be made. The CPU starts like a rocket to 100% usage and only a reboot can shutdown this issue.

Did you try using the terminal?

$ sudo pacman -Syu

edit: also see

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The terminal command worked fine.

Now I’m able to remove or install applications via Pacman GUI.