I cant get internet connection and see the network icon

Hi everyone,
I am newbie in linux, general, a few days I Installed Manjaro deepin, i liked and i used the distro without problem, the next day , when i was customize my desktop I drop the Network Icon so after this i cant get internet conecction :frowning:
Sorry for my bad english, i will hope that u can u help me :smiley:

See the first line of

...which is probably the reason.

Otherwise maybe there are similar posts or someone knows .. but probably its just down to deepin being buggy :wink:

[ examples of a simple forum search : https://forum.manjaro.org/search?q=deepin%20wifi%20order%3Alatest ]

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Hi @cscs thanks you for ur reply

You are right, i think that it is a bug, what distro do you recommend like this ?

If you mean desktop environment then theres nothing exact. But most likely you would be interested in KDE, Budgie or Gnome ? (in no particular order)

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