I can't get a controller to work right (NOOB USER)

Trying to use an 8BitDo SN30 pro, but nothing i’ve found works. Or to be specific, a couple games work, most don’t. Generally speaking, the controller doesn’t seem to be recognised by most programs, even if i use sc-controller to try and pass it off as an Xbox Controller.
At this point i’ve got no ideas as to what could i do. I’ve tried xboxdrv, all 4 modes built into the controller, updating it’s firmware, using sc-controller, fiddling with xinput and dinput in wine, and AntiMicroX.

Also, the controller does work correctly. The best example being DUSK on steam. On my Windows machine it work correctly, on manjaro abt half of the buttons don’t work right, either doing nothing or doing stuff that other buttons are supposed to do.

Try Steam under Linux. It should work like an Xbox Model.

I have that controller. Make sure the controller is set to xinput, and not dinput or switch. There should be a sticker on the back explaining how to change the modes.

make sure game-devices-udev is installed.

already there

i know