I can't connect to a LAN in Minecraft

I just can’t connect to my brother’s LAN. He uses Windows 10 and when it opens the LAN, it just doesn’t show up. I’m a real newbie so I don’t really know how to set up on Linux. Can someone help me?

Hello, first are you both using the JAVA Edition of minecraft ?
It can be a problem with Windows Firewall, you can tell you brother to temporary diable windows firewall to see if you’re able to find the game after that. If it works without firewall, he will have to configure it properly to allow connection to minecraft server.

Yes, both of us use java edition. I did what you said and asked to him to disable the firewall. It kind of work, because when I entered didn’t load, I “fall to the nothing”, and then this message shows up:
Internal Exception: io.netty.channel.unix.Error$NativeIoException: syscall:read(…) failed: Connection reset by peer
Also I noticed that I’m using a 3rd-party server, there is a problem with that?

Is it working fine when you enter a local/solo game ?

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