I can't access the Bios of my Acer laptop

Hello, I installed Manjaro in dual boot with Win11, but after installing Manjaro I cannot access the Bios either via F2 (Acer’s default key) or through the Uefi Firmware option in Grub.
The problem is that the system is entering Windows directly and for me to go to grub I have to press F12 to change the boot order temporarily. I would like to change this order permanently and go directly to grub to choose to enter WIndows or Manjaro.
My laptop is an Acer Nitro 5 515-55.

Hi @EderRenato, and welcome!

I think you need to properly set up dual boot:

And make absolutely sure fast boot and secure boot is disabled everywhere.

And is still have problems after that, come back.

I had to use the following command to fix the boot order:

sudo efibootmgr -o 2,1

replace 2,1 with the codes for each unit displayed in the command:

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