I cannot retrieve my sudo and root password

I just changed my sudo and root password. I was at the bakery and now I cannot use sudo or being root anymore !!!
Can someone help me ???

You’re implying the new password doesn’t work?

See if this helps…

  1. Switch to a tty by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F3.
  2. While looking at the tty, safely reboot the system by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  3. When the GRUB menu comes up, press E.
  4. Add “ 1” (i.e. a space and a “1”) to the end of the kernel line, and press F10 to boot.
  5. You are now in single-user mode, as the root user. Set your new root password with… :arrow_down:
  1. Set your user password with… :arrow_down:
passwd the-name-of-your-user-account
  1. Reboot into normal system operation by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Alternative method…

  1. Follow the steps in #1 and #2 here-above.
  2. Reboot from the Manjaro install USB/DVD in live mode.
  3. Open up a terminal window.
  4. Issue the following commands… :arrow_down:
sudo su -
manjaro-chroot -a
  1. Issue the commands from #6 and #7 in the first approach.
  2. Exit the chroot environment by pressing Ctrl+D.
  3. Safely reboot the system and be sure to remove the USB/DVD before the machine starts booting.

thanks but I don’t know what happened the previous password is working;

that’s it

I will have to wait for tomorrow to do that. I’m suffering from sleep apnea and I’m extremely tired.

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The previous password is working?

yes It’s weird. But seriously I slept only 1 hour this night. I’m into a burnout an health burnout.

Hope you feel better. :pray:

Just sounds like the issue is resolved, since your original password still works?

yes my original password works. Seriously I cannot do such kind of operation without the appropriate amount of sleep.

tahnk you