I cannot install Avro Keyboard in Manjaro xfce

Hello there!
I have recently shifted from Debian to Arch Linux. But my major problem is I cannot install the Avro keyboard in manjaro Xfce.
It says an error in build()
I submit the code here: build() {
cd ${pkgname%-git}
./configure --prefix=/usr
please give me a solution to get rid of this problem
Thanks a lot


Open up terminal and run:
pamac build ibus-avro-git
This is the package from AUR AUR (en) - ibus-avro-git

Or maybe you talk about this AUR (en) - openbangla-keyboard-bin ?

Another poor result. A failure occurred in build().
same things happening with me again and again :frowning:

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Please post the full output of whatever you’re doing; i.e.,

pamac build <package-name>

We still neither know what package you’re building nor what the error actually is.

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