I cannot find the /mnt/boot/efi file in the live USB of manjaro that I have set up

My GRUB bootloader is gone so I booted up a live USB of manjaro. Following a guide I did mount /dev/sda8 /mnt as linux is in sda8.
He then told me to run mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/boot/efi but it said that mount point doesn’t exist

I have secure boot and fast boot off


This is my output of lsblk -f:

     squash 4.0                                                    0   100% /run/miso/
     squash 4.0                                                    0   100% /run/miso/
     squash 4.0                                                    0   100% /run/miso/
     squash 4.0                                                    0   100% /run/miso/
│    ntfs         System
│                       C0626EA1626E9C42                                    
│    vfat   FAT32       F471-D53A                                           
│    ntfs               7800B09D00B063B2                                    
│    ntfs               0AD257B2D257A0AD                                    
│    ntfs               E23A7DB63A7D87F5                                    
│    ntfs         Recovery
│                       E272A65A72A632E9                                    
│    ext4   1.0         7a2f10f5-39e1-4c70-90ae-5e70c668773a   91.4G    21% /mnt
│    swap   1           9281681f-6186-4700-9cf6-46f247600e45                
sdb  iso966 Jolie MANJARO_XFCEM_2012
│                       2020-10-19-18-05-18-00                     0   100% /run/miso/
│    iso966 Jolie MANJARO_XFCEM_2012
│                       2020-10-19-18-05-18-00                              
     vfat   FAT12 MISO_EFI
│    ntfs         System
│                       9E5C57F45C57C5A5                                    
│    ntfs         Windows
│                       A2C45842C4581ABD                                    
│    vfat   FAT32       50B6-6950                                           
     ntfs         Recovery

Because you did not mount the EFI partition (it seems, it is sda2).
And when you want to repair grub, then you must mount /boot.

how do I mount it?

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