I cannot create accents in words

Hello, I use an English keyboard but I need to write emails in Spanish and I can’t create accents in the words like creating the letter ñ. Can anyone help me? thanks in advance.

Hi @alejoDev

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TypeIt might be useful. There is also an app called Gnome Characters which has some potential.

sudo pacman -Syu gnome-characters

I hope this helps. Cheers.

Hi @soundofthunder

Thank you very much for the help but I still can’t get what I’m looking for :S I still can’t accentuate the letters.


This site seems to give adequate instructions: How to type letters with accents on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Additionally, this Character Map package might be of use. Be prepared to learn how to use it, though.


Wow! I think that with this I will be able to configure it, thank you so much!


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For Libreoffice writer select Insert > Special Characters and select Latin-1 character block

For HTML/markdown/scripts etc I usually look-up the ascii codes online
For this specific character you could use either:

  • Ñ
  • ñ
  • ñ

I find the entity name easiest to remember for asci symbols I use regularly
e.g. for capital letter - Ñ = Ñ


¡Hasta mañana!

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