I can’t move files to new different drive

I want to back up my Minecraft worlds and photos to a different drive on my computer but thunar won’t let me copy files into the second drive

…this lacks contextual information.

Is this a basic permissions issue?

Can you describe the situation a little more?
(what is this second drive, how is it formatted, is it newly formatted or does it have existing data? etc)

The second drive is a 1tb hdd it’s formated as ext4, it’s newly formated and has nothing on it at all except “lost+found” It could be permissions I’m not sure, I also tried to do it through the terminal but it said “cp: -r not specified; omitting directory ‘/home/finneas/.minecraft/‘

This is a permissioned filesystem (like most in linux)
Do you know how permissions work?

File permissions and attributes - ArchWiki
Users and groups - ArchWiki

man mount
man fstab
man chmod
man chown

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