I can see my wifi network, but when i try to connect to it it says connection failed

Hi there,
I have being having issues with connecting to my wifi, my system detect and sees the wifi but when i want to connect it shows connection failed.
Here is a list of things i have tried

  1. ping localhost {to make sure it is not a hardware problem}
  2. sudo lshw -C network {my wifi card shows here and the systems detects it}
  3. lsmod {and it shows my wifi module loaded}

I am a distro hopper so the issue started from when i was using linux-mint, i moved to pop-os, fedora-34, garuda-linux, ubuntu and finally in manjaro, but same issue
Note: It use to connect normally before even with when i was using linux-mint, i just booted the system ond day and it stop connecting, i have changed distro and same issue persists

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