I can Not Edit udev Rules

hi All i recently switched from manjaro KDE to Xfce , and the first thing i do every time is to change the audio rules for NVIDIA prime , so i can have audio coming out of my external monitor . with KDE manjaro i simply went to the rules file , added one # , basically commenting out that rule and reboot . now with xfce it doesn’t allow any modification because i am not root , i used notepadqq and it asks for root password but every time i write my password it says authentication failed , while i can easily check my password in terminal using su command . any ideas how to fix it ??

Right click on folder and choose open as root

Does it really request the root password?
Did you really give your password?
Those are different things.

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that option does not exist

well you cant edit without root permissions since i check the properties and it says the owner is root . and in notepadqq when i click save , it says permission denied , but there is the option to retry as root , when i click that and input my password simply says AUTH failed or sometimes the window will just disappear

Sorry for the silly question, but have you tried doing it with “sudo”? Using the root account is not the same as acting as root from your account.

The first option needs the password of the root user (whose account may be disabled) and the second the password of your user.

sudo nano /path/to/file

Also, during the installation of Manjaro you are asked if you want to use the same password for root and the user you are creating or if you want to use different passwords for each account. It is possible that your root account has a different password and you don’t remember it.

thank you , i solved it . turns out the problem was notepadqq . i download kate to edit it ,kate simply asked for password i typed it in and worked .
dont know why notepadqq couldnt save properly

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