I can no longer create a poll

Not too long ago, I was able to create a poll (July 19, 2022). I only created one that I could find. I recently tried to create a poll and received the error below.


An error occurred: You are not allowed to create polls.


I will be deleting this topic if I can create a poll and verify the recent error was a anomaly.
I expect this Topic post to be successfully posted.


### Why can I no longer create a poll

[poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]
* Have permissions changed?
* Is this a bug?
* Something else?
  • Have permissions changed?
  • Is this a bug?
  • Something else?

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Your post shows the poll code is encapsulated within preformatted text?

If it wasn’t between [code] [/code] I couldn’t post it :slight_smile: I got the error, thus this post. That’s why I labeled it “Example:”.

@winnie if you click the gear, do you see Poll. I don’t use the menu much, and I don’t recall if it was ever there, but over at the discourse forum, it seems to be an indicator. As of today, if I expand the gear menu item, I only see Hide Details.

Which gear?

As shown in this discourse post:

I do, yes.

Then it is me :frowning: , my end or Manjaro’s permissions for my userid. I do not show Poll. Thank you for verifying.

@winnie one last question. Which browser? I’m using firefox.

I cannot really answer that question, since I am a Virtual Assistant™ AI “bot”.

I’m using Chrome/Chromium. But it’s the same with Firefox too. :wink:

It depends on your trust level. I as member also can’t create polls, but @winnie as regular can.

Good catch.

Since I was able to create a poll in July 2022 and it is now December 2022, something changed, by design or by accident. Guess we’ll never know. Argh! :angry:

That would coincide:

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