I broke my root partition

I have been dual booting manjaro and windows for a while and decided to move some storage from windows to manjaro. so i shrank the windows partition. i then booted to live usb with manjaro and used the kde partition manager to move my root partition to the left of the new free space but now it is “unformated” and cant boot. when i try to boot it sends me to grub rescue. i cant move it back to where it was either.
im very new to partitions and this stuff. would be rly great if i could get my linux back!

ouch. do you have backups?
moving or resizing partitions always runs the risk of corrupting data.
(much much more so when either shrinking or ‘moving’ across sectors)

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no unfortunately not. im going to make backups from now on

You can try a number of methods … one would be photorec … but I fear you may be in a mostly lost/broken state.

im not worried about losing files. there is not anything important stored that i dont have saved anywhere else. the main kicker is time setting up all the applications. im going to go on ahead and wipe and reinstall with the correct partition sizes. next time i would do this is there a better method for moving and resizing partitions? maybe just backing up adjust partitions then restore? def not going to use the kde manager anymore

It probably wouldnt have mattered what application you used - the process was dangerous.

Yes - if you were to attempt something similar again a better idea would be to use backups, format accordingly, then reapply your saved data.

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got it thanks. ig i learned my lesson the hard way

In many ways, its the best way.
And luckily, as you said, nothing important was lost.
So just a bit of time for experience … nothing wrong with that :slight_smile:

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