I am trying to return to windows 10 from manjaro

Ok first off, Im a newb, I’ve only used linux for a few weeks and was trying to learn it, long story short I no longer have windows installed, and now I want it back. I have already formatted a usb and have a copy of windows 10 on it. Now my problem is that none of the tutorials have shown what to do after that, I have no idea, I went into boot options and didn’t see my usb listed and I can’t mount my usb in file manager, sorry if this is cringey, I just need some help and am aware im an idiot.

As a one time only favor - booting windows and installing windows is completely unrelated to Manjaro.

The only known way to create a Windows USB on Linux is to use woeUSB to create a bootable Windows stick.

Build woeusb using AUR script.

pamac build woeusb

Download the ISO assuming you save it in your downloads folder

Open a terminal and cd into your downloads folder (assuming it is named Downloads)

$ cd ~/Downloads

Then list your block devices

$ lsblk

Insert your usb device and list the devices once again

$ lsblk

Locate the new device - /dev/sdy

Write the ISO to usb

$ sudo woeusb --device Win10-bla-bla.iso /dev/sdy

Wait - done - reboot

Use what ever key combo to enter your firmware and locate the device boot order - make sure you can boot usb and set it as first device - save firmware settings - reboot - now booting windows installer.

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