I am to stupid to login, or the forum is drunk


I logged out of the forum for some reason don’t remember why.
And I have not been able to login again until obviously now.

The buttons to login and register that usually show up left to the search button. They just weren’t there.
Using a private browser window they didn’t show up either.

So I click on site feedback (https://forum.manjaro.org/c/meta/site-feedback) to go complain and bam the buttons are back.

EDIT: I just remembered why I logged out. I clicked edit on a comment I didn’t want to edit but the cancel button didn’t show up.


Have you ever heard of browser cache?
It’s something that may create this issue of yours and might heal if you clean it.


I tried ctrl-F5, shouldn’t that have been enough?
I also thought I had deleted the forum.manjaro.org cookie manually but I pressed X instead of save so I didn’t.


And not about cookies. Look further (cache…)


Well I did say I might be stupid and I know what to try next time, but a websites core functionality getting ■■■■■■ like this is certainly a first for me.

So I do think this is a website or atleast firefox issue tbh.


It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.
When you have issues (after Discourse or FF updates) you/everyone need to clear cache.
It sounds like a joke to a newbie, but it’s a tech-freak joke, mostly. :sweat_smile:


Discourse is imo over-engineered.
I mean I get that cash invalidation is hard but the more fluff there is the more spectacularly it can fail right?


I have all my browser caches scripted to be cleaned when I suspend. No probs for me. :smile:


I think a lot of users think the same but that is how it is we just have to bear with these things


Actually, yes: a page reload should resolve any issues when Discourse has been updated but you have an older front-end version.

If things aren’t showing up that could be a Discourse regression or you’re using e.g. uBlock and blocking bits of the page (in which case you should check for filter list updates).