I am now Python 2 free!

After removing old Python 2 packages, the only thing left depending on python2 was gconf. It's obsolete, there's almost nothing that depends on it in the repos and Arch is working on dropping it soon. Some AUR packages require it, however they may still work without it.

Whoo! :fireworks::partying_face::tada:

EDIT: This would have fit in #general-discussion, I suppose. However, I decided to put it here since I couldn't have done it without a fine distro like Manjaro. Who knows how long other distros like Wibubu will keep Python 2 around.



Blimey, I didn't expect...

What are we gonna do now with all these surplus soft cushions & comfy chairs?


Don't worry, flyng-circus was updated and no longer depends on python2. :wink:


i'm waiting on gimp.

I thought core system stuff still depended on python 2. I'll try to remove it from my machines.

After reading this thread a few hours a go, I decided to take a snapshot of Arch running in a VM and removed Python2.
It seems everything is running without issue.

So I tired it with my laptop and discovered removing it breaks spotify. I can't believe spotify still uses python2. :man_facepalming:

bleachbit requires python2

Nearly python2 free, no packages except for actual python2 (inkscape and as mentioned before gconf).

gconf is required by vscodium, so can't get rid :frowning:

I seem to have 1 things that require some python2.

  • gconf - Which is used by Etcher and openbazaar.

I build lineageos roms and 16.0 only builds on python2 although lineage 17.0 uses python3.
Though I can't build 17.0 roms so still need python 2.
Oh by the way lineageos have stated they will not be changing the 16.0 build system to use python3 ever.

A lot of stuff still depends on python2, not only mainline apps like GIMP and Spotify: also sub dependencies of applications which doesn't directly require python2, required python2, is like a dependency-hell

Eg also some apps to use SDR devices like gqrx and qspectrumanalyzer; them have dependencies with sub dependencies which requires python2.

By pacman -Qi gconf,Here I see that also google-chrome and skypeforlinux-stable required gconf, which require python2-gconf.

It seems to be older versions of electron, that requires it, so maybe the AUR packages just need to get updated dependency lists.

updating now Skype, no gconf seems required

asar-2.0.1-1  c-ares-1.15.0-1  libuv-1.34.0-1  nodejs-13.3.0-1

no gconf on my plasma

The AUR package dropped gconf. I'm not sure why the herecura repo version still has it.

Thing is, a lot of Electron apps come with their own bundled version of Electron, so it's either up to the developers to use a newer version or the AUR package maintainer to convert it to use the system Electron.

I have skypeforlinux-stable from Herecura repository; is clear that the owner of the repo should update most of the packages

Some mentionables that still need it (simply python2 .. not all-inclusive)




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Now lets get rid of Python 3 ... :sweat_smile:

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