I am not able to access my HDD partitions

I recently installed Manjaro to my PC, earlier I was using Windows 8.1 and at the time of installation made a new partition to install manjaro but after I installed it the file manager is not showing my previous partitions and I have very important files on it. Can I bring them back? If yes, then how?
I have searched the internet regarding the same but I can’t solve my issue.
Please help!
I am attaching screenshots of GParted here.

SCREENSHOTS = imgur. com/a/SjRQlb1
(Remove space between . and com )

It is an impossible question - and data rescue is serious business.

If you get advise from a forum user and it does not work - but unintentionally makes it worse - who will you blame.

Search for data recovery or recover lost partition using your favorite search engine.

First of all - STOP :stop_sign: using the device - you are potentially making it much worse to recover data.

To avoid advise which may or may not help you I am closing this topic - as it is a disaster waiting to break loose.

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