I am just very very very impressed

I want to do something that is rarely seen on the internet right now, simply show my appreciation.

I have been a computer nerd since my first computer in the 90:ies, I still play around with my c64 sometimes.

But since that time, and the amiga I went straight into the windows environment and never really dealt with linux when it became popular.

Then a few years ago a friend of mine got me lowkey into linux by introducing me to a raspberry pi, gave me a 2hr crash course into linux and after that everything I have learned is from the internet.
I ventured deeper into the arm universe by investing in some other sbc:s that forced me on to armbian.
At this time I really started to look into actually running a gui linux on my main pc. These thoughts has popped up once in a while but always been stopped by hearing stuff like “yeah, it kinda works” or “yeah forget gaming”.
I have always been a gamer a heart as well and did not want to give up that possibility so windows always stayed.
I installed a few different linux vm:s and realized that they are really good and functional right out of the box but still scared of doing the change because of the gaming thing.

Then new computer came late last year, finally updating my 8 year old pc to a monster, ran win 11 for the first time and made it all like I wanted.
This was when I finally decided, lets take the step, fresh computer, fresh hardware, fresh everything, lets install linux with dualboot.

I had made my research and decided that even though I only know debian based systems, I want to give myself yet another challenge, arch.

And here is my conclusion after using it for about a month: (spoiler, I’m incredibly impressed)

OS installation went without any problems.
I went with the more advanced method instead of blind install and made separate partitions for boot not to overwrite my windows boot. Ran with btrfs, because I have already ran it on one of my backup/fileserver raspberry pi for quite some time.
Only one single thing was missing, one driver for the fan sensors on my motherboard so I could not control the fans. One post here on this forum and it was solved in less than 6hrs. just WOW!!

Connecting my to urbackup server went flawless, so did installing a thin deluge client and connecting to my server.

I wanted to install a few things like discord and spotify. after connecting the pamac interface to flatpack it installed flawlessly.

Now, I bought myself a ryzen 9 and a 3090 and I would be an idiot if I could not play with it, hence why I kept my win11 install.
I installed steam and checked if my favorite game was supported in linux and it was!! :smiley: Oxygen not included > install > done. Installed mods and everything, it just worked.
So I went deeper, lets try with a ray tracing game, hellblade, maybe that? Google told me to activate vulkan in all games on steam, and boom, install button was available, game runs will max settings on all incl ray tracing with 300fps… ok… :open_mouth:
I thought gaming was not supposed to work on linux…

Ok, lets go with a aaa game with ray tracing, that wont work right? Control ultimate edition?
Installed fine, but no ray tracing. Checked the forums for 5 mins, found a solution and yeeeeaaahhh, exactly the same fps as in win11.

I have also installed lutris and tried to run windows games that way and again, I WAS TOLD I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY GAMES ON LINUX!!! But whatever I throw at it, I get it to work!

There ARE a few things I wont get to work, autodesk inventor f ex that I use a LOT when I design for my 3d printer is not able to run in linux to my knowledge, and probably never will. I guess I have to learn one more thing, a new 3d software that runs in linux. But other than that, pretty much all I need/want is available here in Manjaro.

I guess heavy loaded drm games wont work either, like Valorant, but tbh, idgaf, I’m too old for online gaming toxicity anyway. xD

So my conclusion, ppl on youtube should stop leaving these disclaimers about “if you are a hardcore gamer, this is not for you” because to be honest, I could probably have done this YEARS ago.

So THANK YOU COMMUNITY for making this possible!!


Welcome to the community …


Just install bottles!! You’re welcome!

Dear @bedna, if you want to thank the creators of Manjaro have look here, too: