I accidently broke my okular pdf reader

I was trying to turn on dark mode in the okular settings and managed to set it just right but then I broke okular and now some settings are not showing up in the menu bar and I did try to reinstall it but it didn’t fix the problem then I tried to remove okular files from the home directory but just couldn’t figure out how to get it back to that orginal state :frowning: please HELPPP!!!

uninstall okular, remove its files from home folder - .config and from .local/share, reboot, install again, reboot

didn’t work I did exactly what you said and btw I had previously done the same thing but it just didn’t work out :((

and does it only happen with okular? no other programs are affected?

yeah it ONLY happens with okular other programs are just working fine

so again uninstall okular and delete its files, here are they located:
reboot, install again

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it did. this time. thnx.

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