I Accidentally removed start menu / panel


Hello to all
I pinned some application to my panel and I wanted to unpin it but I accidentally removed the whole panel ( the whole taskbar at the bottom of screen is gone ) at first my start button was working but now I can’t even do that. what should I do?
thank you in advance.
plz help


I could add empty panel by right clicking ( add panel -> empty panel ) but even if I select any of other panel none of other panels would show up :cry:


So I finally succeeded to bring back the panel. turns out that I needed to log out of system because I updated my Manjaro and when I log back there were around 8 panels on my desktop O_o … now I have another problem my ksuperkey won’t work to lunch application launcher. How can I set it? to work just like before.


I managed to find out where can I assign my ksuperkey or Meta key:
system settings --> Shortcuts --> Global Shortcuts --> Plasma --> Activate Application Menu Widget

but the problem is that it needs to be a combination I mean I can’t just use Meta key alone. any suggestions?


Somehow I managed to make it work, I really don’t know how but it worked :smile:


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