Hung at “clean, …files, …blocks”

I recently updated my computer with new versions of apps as well as auto installed the new proprietary drivers. When I tried to boot into my computer though it just gets hung at the “clean, …files, …blocks”. I tried looking around to find solutions but couldn’t figure it out. I saw that it may be a driver issue but that’s about all I know. When I run “in I -Fxxx” it tells me the driver is N/A but when running “mwhd -a pci non free 0300” (0300 is the class-ID of my GPU) it says that it’s skipping an already installed config “video-nvidia”. Does anyone know where I might look next and what might be the cause? It’s also worth noting that at one point it said I failed to load I think it was called pkg database, I’m not sure exactly if that has anything to do with this though because I’ve seen that error before and it was unrelated to the problem I’m having now. Thanks in advance for any help!

This should help understanding what happened:

I was able to resolve it, I think it may have been a mixture of graphics drivers and a kernel issue. I uninstalled my drivers, downloaded a new kernel, rebooted into grub and selected the newer kernel, deleted my older kernel and redownloaded my graphics drivers, rebooted one last time and I was GTG.

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