HUION Kamvas Pro 22 drivers not available on DIGImend list


That is an excellent suggestion. Sometimes 15 or 20 seconds is even required. If you are launching from a desktop file and not the terminal you may have to add the sleep command within the script itelf.

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After two glas of red wine i am not really sure about, I am more a designer then programmer, developer etc. and I use i3wm and everything work really good in my workflow. It is time to change my order from

Desktop Environment: Xfce | Deepin | i3wm
Desktop Environment: i3wm | Xfce | Deepin just for fun :wink:


No terminal window appears now after different reboots (with sleep 10 or sleep 15 as you wrote) and with 'sleep 15' && '...' and with 'sleep 15 && ...'.

So you have meant that the huion.desktop should be now:

TryExec=xfce4-terminal -e sleep 15 && 'sudo /home/nameid/Documents/pilote_tablette_graphique/HuionKamvasGT220v2LinuxDriver/ &'
Exec=xfce4-terminal -e sleep 15 && 'sudo /home/nameid/Documents/pilote_tablette_graphique/HuionKamvasGT220v2LinuxDriver/ &'

There should be a syntax problem with the apostrophes or the &&?


If your launch line in the desktop file was launching the script correctly then simply add a sleep command at the start of the script.


sleep 15
#rest of script below
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The terminal windows appears just after the boot, I have entered my password, the sleep function worked but at the end it was like before introducing this sleep function in the…


remove the sleep from where i suggested, and put it where tbg suggested, it makes a lot more sense


mm, when I said

the sleep function was only in and not in huion.desktop anymore…


my bad, i didnt see that before i responded.

@tbg do both TryExec= and Exec= need to be used or could just Exec= (i know not what i ask)


Ok, about now is the time I’m going to mention something you should start researching. This is good stuff to know regardless, but it will allow you to run your script easily. This is what you should research:

bash alias

I’m not going to explain what it is or how it works because frankly myself and others have done enough explaining to you already.

If you don’t make any progress on a launcher then you can always use a bash alias. There is also the systemd service method, but I didn’t really want to go there because it does involve a fair bit of learning and troubleshooting.

If you get stuck at any point, a bash alias is the most foolproof method to launch your script. It is not automated, but it can be made as simple as entering a couple of letters in the terminal and then entering your password.

If you feel you are making no progress you can always fall back to a bash alias to start your script.


I have never had to use “TryExec” on any launcher before. I’m unfamiliar with its usage.

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OK, I think this thread needs some time to rest.

There’s a huge number of posts here which almost read like a chat log rather than a set of thoughtful posts, and most of the problems/discussion appears to be circular.

I’ll set a re-open timer to give everyone a “breather”.

I’m pretty sure OP can try out some different combinations without asking about each one every time.

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Hey @dglt sorry to bother but I have been reading your instructions carefully. I to am new to linux and wish to set up my Kamvas Pro 20. However i’m experiencing problems with Python. I’m not sure if its the problem with version. I’ve pasted the error below, if you could help me out it would be much appreciated.

 |                Product: Tablet Monitor

79 | Internal model:
7b | Buttons status: ** On
c8 | Params block #2: ???
| Max X: 86970
| Max Y: 47752
| Max pressure: 8191
| Resolution: 5080
c9 | Firmware version: HUION_M189_181227
ca | Internal manufacturer: HUION Animation Technology Co.,ltd
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 4, in
from evdev import UInput, ecodes, AbsInfo
File “/home/***/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/evdev/”, line 5, in
from evdev.device import DeviceInfo, InputDevice, AbsInfo, EvdevError
File “/home/***/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/evdev/”, line 8, in
from evdev import _input, ecodes, util
File “/home/***/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/evdev/”, line 44, in
from evdev import _ecodes
ImportError: cannot import name ‘_ecodes’ from ‘evdev’ (/home/***/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/evdev/


apparently i jinxed myself earlier when i mentioned this thread :man_facepalming:. this thread is long enough, i think you should start a new one, system info, what you have done so far and where your stuck. i’ll take a quick look into the error, but if thats not the solution you’ll need to start a new thread. (i see thread creation in your immediate future) . let me take a look :unamused:

are you sure you have the required python & evdev packages installed? make sure, check where you got your drivers from and see if dependencies are listed, make sure you have them. if that works, great. if not, you’ll need help from someone more experienced with python and the errors thrown above. you’ll need to make a new thread. hope it works out for you.


Thank you for your swift reply buddy, if i wasn’t so desperate to get this going I wouldn’t have posted. Its the only hurdle left for me complete the transition to a linux based system. I will take your advice and ask python users and thanks a bunch for the heads up!

P.S. Not gna lie i’m loving the linux community for its friendliness and mutual support, much better compared to the blood sucking demons at ‘Microsoft’! :stuck_out_tongue:

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