HSUPA USB modem is not recognizing in Manjaro 21.0 Ornara, after the update


Hey guys.
Before presenting the problem, I would like to explain #another situation or problem, which I have with this UBS Modem, with your permission.

In the screenshot below, you can find the menu interface of this USB HSUPA Modem, on a friend’s laptop with Windows Operating System.

However, I am unable to access this Modem menu in Manjaro, as well as in other Linux distributions. I would like to know if there is any way to be able to install this HSUPA modem menu in Manjaro?

Guys, as I said above, I am not being able to access or install the Menu of this Modem, and then, to be able to access the internet through it, I have been going in the network settings and configuring it manually as shown in the following image. This is only possible when the mobile network indicator icon appears in the network notifications, showing that the modem has been recognized.

And right after configuring the name of the mobile operator’s network, depending on the country I am in (in my case is Angola), I also configured the APN (Access Point Name), saved and then connected the network, remembering that without using the Modem menu, because it is not being possible.

It turns out that after I upgraded my laptop yesterday to Manjaro Ornara, the USB modem no longer appears on the networks, and recognizes only Wi-Fi and wired networks. I have already restarted several times, but still it is not recognizing.

And surprisingly it recognizes on devices connected to the laptop when I execute the command “sudo lsusb”, as shown in the image below.

Could you please help me to solve these problems?

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The problem was solved, I just click de network buttom from keyboard

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