Hplip official Manjaro package is buggy and seems to be out of maintenance (hp-setup fails with backtrace)

Hello all,

I must admit that I am a bit surprised that there is such low interest in that topic already discussed at Hplip is buggy in manjaro (hp-setup fails with backtrace) so that it had to be closed several months ago.

To recap:

Why is nobody taking care of this problem?
I tried the following advice:

sustitute python2 for python in the hashbangs

That did not help.
At the moment, I changed the offending code in /usr/share/hplip/base/utils.py to read like below:

def printable(s):
    if s:
#        return s.translate(identity, unprintable)
         return s.translate(unprintable)
        return ""

With that, hp-setup completes without crashing.

In light of these considerations, please kindly allow me the question: Is the maintainer of Manjaro’s official HPLIP package still alive?
Or should one try to install the package from the official HPLIP homepage instead?

The hplip package is packaged by Arch - and was last rebuilt 2022-06-28.

If you want to use the hp-toolbox and the gui you need to install the optional dependency - python-pyqt5

sudo pacman -Syu python-pyqt5
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