Hp stream 14 can't see the boot loader for manjaro on a usb

Hey, so i used the dd command to copy the .iso file for manjaro kde-plasma to a usb drive that had recently been formatted with ext4 and when i go into my boot menu on my laptop (which has mint 20.2 installed if thats important) the boot loader for manjaro isn’t there. i’ve ran live debian-based operating systems on that same usb before but this is pretty much my first time trying to get an arch-based distro to run on a usb

Did you run sync after the dd command?

i don’t think so. i just followed instructions on how to write a manjaro iso to a usb stick with dd.

You should run sync command after dd

didnt help, my laptop still can’t seem to find the boot loader

Well, you need to select the USB drive as the boot device from the BIOS.

it is. i double checked aswell, and i haven’t had any trouble booting from that usb prior to this.

Okay, after a whole lot of searching, i’ve found the problem. Secure boot was enabled. it took me wayyyyyyyy to long to figure that out

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