HP print to fax driver



Has anyone been successful in using the print-to-fax command for HP printers?

I have an HP Officejet Pro 6830 printer.

On Windows, I use the HP Universal Fax Driver. It allows me, for instance, to open a PDF document in the PDF reader of my choice, and send it straight to a fax number, via a print command, without needing to physically print up the doc and feed it into the printer.

I tried on Ubuntu to do this, without success, and my local Ubuntu guru couldn’t get it to work, either.

Can I do this on Manjaro? Sounds like a minor thing, but if you send hundreds of pages of faxes, it becomes a big thing.


Never realized fax was still used in the email worls…


I bet you don’t live in the Middle East.


I have a hp printer to. I know that I can use fax from my Browser if i use the IP from the printer.
But I have a newer printer.


@hanny can you tell me how you do that?


I can use my Browser and type 192.168.178. two numbers and the end. Have a look in your manuel.
There is menü on the left and one for fax. But i don´t know if your Printer does the same.https://123-hp.club/officejet-pro-6830/

the other way is our Router. There is a fax tool implementation. We use a fritz.box