HP Laserjet_200_color_M251- unable to install on Manjaro 20.1.2

Following a new install of Manjaro 20.1.2 I’m having a problem installing the above network printer using hp-setup on the cmd line.
The printer is found, but when I select the appropriate PPD file:
HP-setup refuses to acknowledge that this is an appropriate file.
I’m sure Manjaro used to set up this printer out of the box in past installs (Manjaro 19*)
It also works out of the box in my MX 19.3.
I appreciate that is is likely that HP have changed something rather that this being a Manjaro issue so I’m asking if anyone has found a cause or a workaround?
If I was cynical I’d think that my clone printer cartridges might be the issue.

Sorry to bother folks, eventually found posts which described how to enable cups (wasn’t enabled) and the install the Print Settings app.
Configured beautifully now.

I used the following commands:
sudo pamac install system-config-printer
sudo systemctl enable --now cups.service
sudo systemctl enable --now cups.socket
sudo systemctl enable --now cups.path

Then used the configure printers option in the main menu

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