Hp laptop boots straight into Windows 10 after dual boot installation

Hey people, I installed Manjaro on my relatively new HP laptop as a dual boot setup using a guide on this forum. However, whenever I start the laptop it boots straight into Windows 10. I’ve tried changing the boot order in Windows bios but that doesn’t work. Any Ideas? Thanks.

There is a part it in the tutorial which says

Did you try what is written below that heading

I tried as far as Cobalt’s suggestion and got a whole bunch of warnings like this…

ad y after -S as it says which would make the command

sudo pacman -Sy grub

Sorry, I got confused about what I was looking at. I finished the entries and got this…

Restarted the computer and it still booted into windows.

Ive tried a whole bunch of stuff from that page and still no luck.

Hello @Pariah :wink:

What is a “Windows BIOS” ? Do you mean the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE)?

Check this out:

efibootmgr -h

List entries:


There are boot numbers which are important.

Change order (example):

sudo efibootmgr --bootorder 0001,0000,[more numbers]

Or set an OS to boot next (only temporary):

sudo efibootmgr --bootnext 0001

You can also do this in your HP BIOS/UEFI.

Can you post the partitioning ?

Thank you for all your fast responses. Turns out that I wasn’t saving the boot priority properly in the Boot Menu. To fix I used F5 and F6 to go up and down and select Manjaro, F10 to save, and then pressed Enter on Save & Exit. This fixed my problem and it now runs well. Thankyou.

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