HP Envy x360 R5

I bought this laptop today, after completing the Windows setup to confirm the hardware was working I wiped the disk and installed Manjaro KDE. I can confirm all functionality present and correct except the fingerprint sensor (so far). If anyone is considering this Laptop for Linux, I'd recommend it.


There is a program called fprintd for the fingerprint reader :slight_smile:

ah that's good to know. Thanks for the reply.

I recently got the HP envy x360 13 with AMD Ryzen 7 3700U.
Most stuff worked; Penscreen, keyboard, touchpad, sound, wifi.

However two things did not work:
1: some of the fn buttons; Brightness + and -, Aeroplane mode. Dont know if multimeda keys worked, but keyboard backlight, privacy screen and multimonitor buttons worked.
2: The device cant wake up from hibernation. It is Unresponsive and freezes on wakeup.

I just now updated the kernel from 5.4.23-1 to 5.5.7-1,
all fn keys are working, the hibernation problem is still a problem....

Im not sure if there's a problem with the sound, I believe the quality might be... not great.
I need to compare the sound between Windows, Linux 5.5.7 and 5.4.23-1... will update

No problems with sound, it's just lower. It can be changed, so it's really nothing... (But I had to raise the sound for the application, rather than just change the sound volume...)

It works great now!
Functional button works, I can hibernate.

Running Kernel 5.5.7-1-MANJARO, with desktop KDE Plasma 5.17.5.

After changing Kernel from 5.4.23-1 to 5.5-7-1 the buttons started working, but hibernation was not.
However after updating my system using pacman (pacman -Suy) it now works great!

The sound is still better when I run windows, it's not bad on Linux, it's just very much better on Windows... I read that using close to full blast on Linux will activate the (otherwise sleeping) front speaker (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/HP_Envy_x360_13z-ag000 )

Interesting, I have never had any machine awaken from sleep properly (except my little Lenovo Quadcore pentium with 4GB ram), that includes the envy. I think additionally the screen rotation tablet mode stuff isn't working either. Neither is a big loss to me.

I am also using the 5.4.23-1 kernel on this one (LTS) according to the kernel manager or kernel 5.4.25 RAVEN according to the system info window, go figure! I searched for and installed raven to see if that would make any difference but I can't tell TBH.

I had no problem with hibernation on my Previous laptop (HP 255 G5), first time I experienced any problem was with this new laptop.

But as stated, that was solved by changing kernel.
Also, just noticed that the orientation does not work for me either.

Another problem I have is that KDE is somewhat Choppy, looking into that now.

Oki, choppiness was caused since I used GTK theme Window decorations... I believe.
Solved by changing Global Theme to something else, then changing back;
So it's possible some other settings I changed within the theme was the culprit...

I now have problems with my computer going to sleep and waking up from it.

I'm pretty sure that problem has to do with the Compositor settings;
while trying to figure out why my Desktop Enviroment Stuttered, I changed the Compositor settings.
After a Crash (i.e, i forcefully turnoff the laptop while waking up is unresponsive), next boot I check the KDE Compositor settings window, It has the following message
"OpenGL Compositing (the default) has crashed KWin in the past.
This was most likely due to a driver bug.
If you think that you have meanwhile upgraded to a stable driver, you can reset this protection but be aware that this might result in an immediate crash! Alternatively, you might want to use the XRender backend instead." (might be some spelling errors, since i didnt copy it, just rewrote it...).

OF what I remember, The Composotior settings and the Window Decorator settings is the only things I changed...
If I manage to find out any specific settings to use with the compositor, I'll post about them he


Spent some hours trying to find a solution, but nothing.
It seems that the hibernation no longer works for me.
There was a update from kernel 5.5.7 to 5.5.8; it might be this causing the issue, or some software that was installed recently...

Too bad, too sad... :frowning_face:

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