[HowTo] Use Terminus bitmap font with Pango 1.44

As many of you may know, recently, Pango 1.44 dropped support for bitmap fonts. So that meant our beloved xos4 Terminus (as well as other great bitmap fonts) was no more. :crying_cat_face:

Luckily, there is a TTF version of terminus in the AUR (terminus-font-ttf). However, there are some spacing issues with this font, and it is not a pixel perfect replacement (see comparison screen below). But there is a better solution: terminus-font-otb, an OpenType Bitmap version of terminus, available in the Community repository. Here is how to install it.

First, remove (or backup) /etc/fonts/conf.d/70-no-bitmaps.conf

(This systemd drop-in file seems to have been installed by fontconfig and will block terminus-font-otb from our available fonts.)

Second, install terminus-font-otb using your favorite package manager (this is not a AUR package).

Terminus will now be available again! Finally, be sure to uninstall terminus-font.

[ Comparison of terminus-font-otb and terminus-font-td1-ttf (centered ascii tilde), 14 point, under Pango 1.44.5-1. Notice the vertical alignment. ]


This is where that file is for me:

$ pacman -Fs 70-no-bitmaps.conf
extra/fontconfig 2:2.13.1+12+g5f5ec56-1

I left that file alone and was able to use Terminus again in NFO Viewer just by installing terminus-font-otb. I did not remove terminus-font.

I don't even have that symlink... :slight_smile:
Most probably I removed it already a few years ago.

You can safely delete files from /etc/fonts/conf.d, they're just symlinks to /etc/fonts/conf.avail and can be placed back again.

Thanks @korealinux!

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what about all the terminus variants? there was one with properly placed ~

Ah sorry for the mistake. The comparison shot in the tutorial was between terminus-font-otb and terminus-font-td1-ttf, with the patch for centered tilde. The description has been corrected.

Also, looks like there are otb versions of the ll2 and td1 variants in the AUR now.


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