[HowTo] Set up PRIME with NVIDIA proprietary driver

How can you revert back? Say I want to go back at using the default free drivers installed by Manjaro. Cheers!

Follow the steps in reverse.

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haha - ok. I thought I can simply click install free drivers from Manjaro Settings and that’ll do.

thanks again, just got kde working with prime on my backup drive .

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Can you add optimus-manager package to here ? Its very easy prime switch script

I think that will be support for newbies :slight_smile:


Thanks @jonathon for the great tutorial. I just used it on my new laptop running Manjaro Deepin. At first, I could not get it to work, because the opitmus.sh script was not running. In order to get the script to run at the right time, the line display-setup-script=/usr/local/bin/optimus.sh has to be added to the [Seat:*] section of the lightdm.conf. Once I had the command to run the script in the right place, everything works like a dream.


@jonathon I added this detail at the tutorial.


Thanks @jonathon for the tutorial, no problem here on GTX1060 and KDE.

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Thank you for the tutorial. I changed to PRIME on my lenovo laptop without an issue (besides having to adjust fonts and display in the end as it was limiting me to something like 900x500… no problem after wiping the fixed vertical refresh rate in xfce).

Kudos to @jonathon and everyone else contributing :+1:

Thanks for putting this together. I tried it and, while it works, I had a lot of problems with visual artifacts and scaling. I was able to easily revert back so no big deal. For anyone else wanting to do so just follow the instructions in reverse essentially. Don’t worry if you deleted the mhwd file in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/. A new copy will be put in place when you reinstall the bumblebee driver.


Issue with nvidia 4XX drivers and Nvidia prime/prime sync.





I have edited/corrected a typo/error in SDDM script.
Motivated by this


@jonathon I just moved from Deepin to Gnome. Once again, by following this guide, I was able to get my nVidia card working properly. Thank you once again for the hard work! Now time to do a Timeshift backup.


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I’m on 415.86 and it seems to have solved the issue behind vulcan freezes.


Fixed a bug which could sometimes cause Vulkan applications to lock up the GPU when freeing large chunks of memory on systems with PRIME enabled. 

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