[HowTo] install Manjaro on a computer unable to boot from Manjaro installation media

Yes, no matter what are you thinking, but some computer just cannot be booted from the installation media.For example, my laptop can’t.
The thing I may tell you first is that it may not on all devices, but you can give it a try.

What you need is:
A laptop
VMWare or virtual box
Manjaro installation iso
Windows to go disc or another Laptop
If you are going to use another laptop, you may have to:
Have that computer’s hard disk connected to another
Ah, ok, let us get started.
If you have WTG, then boot up and then open VMWare workstation.Make a VM, the hard disk chose as YOUR LOCAL HAR DDISK (this requires you have administrator acess.)

Then you can choose the iso file
Then choose Other Linux.

You can choose Traditional BIOS

Then select the disk.

Now you SHOULD see the media works…

Oh, if you are using MacOS, do not forget to reset the memory and processor.

You must shutdown the VM to access the memory and processor settings.

Then you can set it up as usual.


After the installation process is done, shut down the VM, then shut down WTG (if you are using).
If you are using another computer, then jet the disk and put it back. Reboot your "target"computer.

And do not use MacOS’s VMWare Fusion. It seems doesn’t mount my disk.

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Actually, I have an old laptop in which I can’t install W7 nor Linux (only XP), and I installed Linux in it through VBox, with the hard drive connected to a desktop as a live raw image (vmdk).

Yes, actually my solution is like installing Windows on ARM on RPI

I tried to run VBOX on MacOS, it just cannot bootup

To make this into a good tutorial, can you please flesh this bit out a bit:

(see manjaro ISO example above)