[HowTo] Google Drive integration into Nemo (Cinnamon 3.6)



Cinnamon 3.6 supports GNOME Online Accounts, which makes it possible to access Google Drive from within the Nemo file manager.

Here’s how to set this up:

In System Settings, Preferences section, click Online Accounts.
Click Google
Select your Google account that is shown, or select "Use another account"
Follow the prompts for email address, allowing access, and password

Once that is done, two packages need to be installed: gvfs-goa AND gvfs-google.

Install using the GUI:

Menu > Add/Remove software and use search to find and install these 2 packages

Or install them using this command a terminal:

sudo pacman -S gvfs-goa gvfs-google

Your Google email will now be shown in Nemo in the sidebar under the Network section. Click on it to mount your Google drive and access your files.

Cinnamon GNOME online accounts Files not mountable