Howto get rid of a popupmessage about mullvad vpn connection?

Did you ever setup a Mullvad VPN connection? Open Advanced Network Configuration and see if a VPN connection is listed there.

I did a vpn-connection with Mullvad before I uninstalled Mullvad.

Where is that ?

Open the “Start Menu” and click on Settings or search the menu for network.

Do you have any VPN / Mullvad related browser extensions installed? Perhaps this one?

Hahaha … There we have it !!!

It is an extension in Firefox.

But the extension is ‘Mullvad Connectivity Checker’.

Didn’t remember that I installed it in Firefox long time ago.

Thank you Yochanan for the eyeopener. :sleeping:

So no more popup for Mullvad connectivity.

Thanks also to everyone in this thread for helping me resolve this issue.

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