[HowTo] Create .iso of configured live clonable system

.notes: If you’re using encryption, you need manually mount and unmount partitions on clone operation and install proper grub-loader

#1 Create virtual box, install your desired system and configure your live USB
#2 VBoxManage clonehd --format RAW disk.vdi usb.img
#3 dd if=usb.img of=/dev/usb status='progress'

That’s all, I hope it’s usefull for somebody. Like this you can create configured USB stick without need to reboot computer to configure it.

Never thought of that - it’s like 1-2-3 :slight_smile: - nice idea. There has been the occasional question on making a live ISO from your running system - which is a completely different matter.

If it is a requirement to use the graphical installer - this could be a way of reaching the goal.

Still think it would be easier to target the USB directly - optimizing the install for USB - e.g. the graphic drivers which - to be truly portable - must include all open-source drivers - not only the virtual driver :slight_smile: