[HowTo] bulletproof your personal effects (save your stuff!)

33 edits:pencil2: later and I think I am done with this. Unless there are outstanding grammatical issues I have no intention on tightening up the language further and bumping this topic since other posts deserve their time in the limelight as well.

I would still like to know what i am doing wrong with the table of contents. Could any @moderators please look at my code and figure it out? The last post I submitted has a URL to the article @nam1962 linked me (which was split off into its own topic about root part size) that shows a functional example but my issue may be due to Discourse meta using a later version of the software or deep linking is disabled.

:pencil2: In hindsight, some of those edits were from moderators but I wasn’t fussed about that when I made this post. Apologies to @moderators for constantly pinging them but I still need their help.


Hey, good we made some progress. The issue in your edit is that you missed the # where you have:
a href='heading--
Should be:
a href='#heading--
on each line from the content table …
Also, you can drop the > at the the beginning of each line of code in your edit, unless you want it to look like is a quoted part. Hope this will help you make the 34th edit :smiley:

Right, so uhm the reason why I made the ToC a quote block is to distinguish it from the body text, similarly to how Wikimedia foundation has a distinguishing of ToC in its software.

I’ll fix it later, rl stuff rn. :+1:

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Sure, no worries, glad now is working as intended :smiley: :wink:

Last edit, last bump unless there are glaring technical errors for information about Windows.

Oh yeah, about that — I gave the blurb about knowing nothing of OS X some validity by having information about how this concept works in Microsoft Windows as well. Anybody who dual-boots with time can give the information a try and see if links from ntfs into exfat parts are possible on Windows like how links from ext4 into exfat are possible.

It’s another total rewrite, presentation-wise as I took @Fabby’s advice about nested details, and distinguished between detail blocks with formatting.


Fixed some fatal and useless commands with safe and working alternatives and added some information about my experiences with both ntfs and exfat partitions. Hopefully this extra advice will help some long-term users by preventing data accessibility issues.

Minor spelling mistake:

Should be /dev/sdXN

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