How's your experiences with Manjaro KDE / any other distro KDE?

I just wanted to ask this because I'm curious. I tried different releases of Manjaro with KDE Plasma but it was always buggy as hell, I encountered many visual glitches, some application problems etc. and it was after I configured Nvidia graphics and disabled igpu so it's not related with this. Although it looks very cool, I gave up on it because of this. On the internet I see many people claiming having really good time with KDE so I wonder how's yours?

Never been a KDE user - I have tried - but I am softening - due to the minimal kde-dev - the minimal testing - Openbox maintainer - but something feels like it is right.

And it is on bare-metal testing devices - I am not yet conviced :slight_smile:

Running on Intel J3455 CPU with 8G ram and 256G ssd - so far works OK - but I have no Nvidia or AMD devices to take care of - might by why :slight_smile:

And I should mention @bogdancovaciu's nice theming - that is a :+1:

If I got that wrong - please forgive me my ignorance and attribute to my limited knowledge/experience using KDE.


Can only speak for myself. But I really like Manjaro KDE. Never run into problems and no glitches or whatever. Memory usage is very good even compared with XFCE. You should give it a try and if you stumble upon a problem, just ask here :+1:

For me it is very stable ! Even when on testing branch.


i started with Kubuntu in 2015 for about 2 month (was the time of plasma 5 was really not stable)
switched to manjaro KDE and then did not change.. so more than 4 years and happy, (PS: and mostly on unstable branche of manjaro) 1st on a mackbook pro mid 2010, then on a dell XPS 15 and now on lenovo thinkpad X1 extreme.

PS: manjaro kde is my main and only os since I started using it

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Maybe there is a reason why major distros do not use it as default DE.

It looks cool and modern like win8 looked when released.

It works fine for me across all distributions using NVIDIA proprietary. I have both an NVIDIA GTX960 GPU in one system and an Intel HD 4000 GPU in the other. I also used to run KDE with the Radeon R3 integrated into a Athlon 5350 without any issues.

The glitches occur mainly with the nouveau driver, if you use the proprietary one it's much more stable. build 440.xx is the latest recommended driver series and it works really nicely.

I'm using it as well, no problems on my PC (all AMD) but on the Optimus laptop my sister uses she had a ton of trouble, mainly couldn't plug the in the TV through HDMI so I ended up installing KDE Neon for her which worked immediately after installing proprietary drivers (in Manjaro Optimus-Manager wouldn't work for some reason with the KDE variant).So I've seen both sides, it really depends on you machine imo but KDE is my fav type of DE.

I have been running Manjaro KDE since 17.1 release. My Dell E5510 8gb ram Intel Core i5 M 560 2.66GHz has been perfect no glitches and never have been buggy.

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Nice timing on this thread cause I've been planning to post my opinion on Manjaro KDE and other distros. Over the last couple of years I'v tested a dozen KDE distros including Manjaro, of them only Manjaro is a rolling release. I chose nonrolling releases cause almost everyone swore that I would regret a rolling release. I have seen every one of those releases have their issues ranging to not fully playing nicely with their default DE, to having to rollback software versions cause the version is compatible with the distro's newest release even though it was compatible with the previous version of the distro, etc... I've been back on Manjaro since they released 15.1.4 and am now on the 18.1.5 testing and I have to be completely honest in saying Manjaro as a rolling release is far far far far more stable, solid, and reliable than the static releases. I cannot see myself going back to a nonrolling release after installing and running Manjaro. I have to say fantastic job to EVERYONE involved with making Manjaro so great, simply thank you.


nvidia and kde has some quirks to it but nothing more of an annoyance,

  • screen corruption when waking from suspend and having to restart kwin to fix it. this one is really old but maybe some day it actually gets fixed. (not holding breath)
  • the way scaling is handled depending on the drivers used is a joke. does there really need to be 10 different ways of adjusting scaling with qt apps, and even more with gtk? :man_facepalming:
  • kwin is about as reliable as a crackhead, each day a new surprise :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
  • if you cant find the setting your looking for it's your fault you cant find it. why have 1 setting located in a sane logical location when you can 5 settings that do the same thing in 5 different places that conflict with each other. it's like "where's waldo" for settings. :rofl:
  • but it shur is purdy doh... aher....:roll_eyes:

the most appealing reason for why i even used kde in the past was that it provided me with a new puzzle to solve each day and that i seen as an effective way of learning, eventually it got old and i wanted something that worked.


KDE used to put me off.
But some time after plasma 5 stabilized I tried it. I found the window management and compositor pretty good. Later I realized it offers lots of options, including the ability to strip it down. I also better figured out how to handle QT/GTK and consistent theming. So now I run mine more like xfce/openbox and it boots into ~420mb memory, while everything looks more or less the way I like. Since then I havent really had the need to switch, and its pretty much my default. I even made peace with dolphin, which I used to dislike for some unknown reason.

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KDE`s best, fugg the rest. Nuff said.

I'm a KDE user. I've tried everything and the best part about KDE is if you get bored, you can change just about anything and not have to reinstall DEs or distros. It's nearly as resourceful as xfce, and when I configured both in a way that I was happy to use them, I was within 100mb of RAM. I love the little subtle things that make it beautiful. For instance, if I use the meta+e shortcut to bring up dolphin, I can is the same shortcut again and it will bring up a new instance perfectly placed next to the first one. It's those little things that have made KDE my choice of Linux. I have never used it outside of Manjaro though. Before this I used Ubuntu back when it was still unity, and Linux Mint for the longest time. I prefer KDE to cinnamon now.

your far more forgiving than myself, i understand running gui file managers with sudo is a no no but if i want to run my file manager as sudo i really dont like my file manager telling me to go fsck off. :grin:

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ech.. never do/did that so it was never missed.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to run the best-of-breeds in KDE, each during their heyday:


And you might as well call the last two too similar to distinguish between. :wink:


I had no problem with any DE actually, on any Manjaro installs. My only issue was to be able to set it so it follows my workflow, and not the other way around. KDE Plasma gave me that option, and the reason why i prefer rolling release is for the very fact that keeps me interested in taking care of the system, remain informed to what is new, and be diligent about it.


Am slightly surprised that nobody has already made the obvious segue:
Plasma is... Great :wink:


Long time gnome user and hater of KDE. About two, maybe three years ago, Gnome's team started making "iffy" decisions, and I noticed more and more glitches happening. I thought it was time to try this new Plasma KDE...and as the stories go, I fell in love.

I am not an AMD user, Intel/Nvidia...I use proprietary drivers for the GPU. I do experience the occasional flickering issue when I close a game. I have patched, and patched, but nothing seems to fix it, except a logout/log back in. I hear there are bug reports on this that have been filed, for a very long time. Strangely, and maybe not related, I also see this happening with Windows users. Not sure what that means, but that is the only thing annoying I have found with KDE.

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Was: hater of KDE
Am: lover of KDE.

Welcome to the light-side :grin:


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