How's the HDR support in Linux now?

They seem to have been working on it for a long time, it's a really important feature for everyone.
Has anyone any news from them?

It is not important for me, I do not have super upper monitor

this is basically same question to previous post 4 months ago

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Long time ago.

No, it isn't.


While it isn't important for everyone, it is important for people with htpc applications.

I would love to see easy access to hdr passthrough. That being said, my understanding is it is non-trivial.

For what is HDR that important? Isit like 3D TV what nobdy was buying? Or 4K tv where tv's still stream in 720p or 1080p?

HDR content is widely available in some markets, especially on streaming services. It is, of course, also prevalent on UHD bluray. If you have the hardware to support it well, the difference is noticable and appreciable.


HDR which is a true movie lover chasing for, higher dynamic range, higher contrast, higher peak brightness, deeper dark scene, it also provides wide gamut range content.

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aaah ok, I do not know it because I do not watch movies... I know HDR in term of photography where people destroy images by HDR adjustment.

They are different, HDR picture is to compress high dynamic range picture to low dynamic picture, HDR TV is to improve the ability of the display.

I understand now.
Buy an AppleTV then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@VoDo. Bite your tongue. How dare you say that evil company's name in this forum?!? You are hereby banned from geekdom. Please turn in your membership card. :upside_down_face:

Seriously though, HDR is amazing. I drool over getting an HDR compliant monitor for games that support it. It makes even that evil fruit company's displays look bad. Unfortunately, the wife wanted to buy a house, so no money for a new monitor. Sheez, talk about not having the right priorities. :wink:


Yeah, apple user since 2006 here, we have 4 iPads (the original one from 2010 still works, as a picture frame on the fridge) two iPhones, TimeCapsule from 2013, still works too, some iPods what no one uses anymore. And MacBook air from 2013 fully running Manjaro Gnome! Beat me! :smirk:


Burn the heretic!!!! Seriously though, I am a firm believer in you use what works best for you. While personally dislike anything Apple, long story and not germaine to the topic at hand, I understand why people use and like them. Anyways, HDR displays make Apple's "Retina" displays look dated.

At least you are using Gnome. I can agree with you there.

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Gnome is very nice I like the simplicity (especially Manjaro version). I am not against any system I have win, mac (till last Friday), ios, android and linux.
I switched to mac because of linux I was using linux from 2002 or 2003 till 2007, in December of 2006 I bought MacBook, it worked. I needed laptop, stability and programs, back then linux had even problem to play videos, two monitors, burning cds etc.... Now the main machine is iPad mini5.

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I picked an Apple TV 4K a couple of weeks ago. One of the nicest looking devices I have used, impressive every time you see the home screen.

After using it for two weeks, I have to is probably the worst device of this type I have tried. The remote is bafflingly limited, the interface is unnecessarily hard to navigate, it is flooded with ads (for programming, not general ads) and it was more expensive than all it's major competitors combined. I don't usually return things unless they are defective, but this is going back.

Three words @dalto. NVidia Shield TV. I have three of them in the house and they are by far the best TV boxes out there. Especially since they upgraded their remote. The new remote, it is my understanding, is backwards compatible with their older models.

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Understand, I have no use for appletv I do not watch tv at all, if you are not in apple ecosystem it does not give you much for that money. And I use an old Omega watch from 1970, I do not need computer on the wrist. :shushing_face:

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you should give the ipods freedom with Rockbox

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