Howdy installation problem

Hi Fellas

I recently switched from Win11 to Manjaro, so kind of newbie here.

I wanted to install the howdy package from aur via yay and only get some errors saying that python 2 is depreciated.

Is there a possibilty to get Howdy or even pam-python running on python 3?

Thank you.

If it depends on python2 - you are out of luck - and on your own.


If you look at the AUR page, most was sorted out for python3 AUR (en) - howdy
The only one remaining with a python2 dependency is the AUR (en) - pam-python and people are commenting and also offering an alternative to drop the python2 from it, or use the pam-python-git (install that one first) instead and then install howdy


you are a hero :smiley:
i spent the whole morning and last evening trying to figure out whats wrong.

Howdy Beta has dropped the dependency on pam-python altogether. The next version release should solve all these issues or you can get howdy-beta-git from the AUR.

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so i successfully have howdy now installed, but as soon as i want to use my face for sudo or kde login, the IR stays off.

auth sufficient try_first_pass likeauth nullok
auth sufficient /lib/security/howdy/
auth            include         system-login

account         include         system-login

password        include         system-login

session         include         system-login

anyone an idea for that?

You have experience on this one?
Do you still need to add the into the pam.d like the manual says or how does manjaro know which authentication method to use?

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