How would I remove the battery health warning?

So I installed Manjaro on my computer for the first time yesterday, and everything’s been absolutely fantastic. However, I really don’t enjoy how every time I open the battery menu it tells me a warning about my battery health.

I’m not looking for a way to “slow the drainage” or fix anything. I simply just want to have it to where I am not constantly shown it every time I open the battery menu. Is this possible at all, or am I stuck with seeing this?

What’s the “battery menu” and why are you opening it? Just set your power preferences in System Settings and let the laptop warn you when it’s low. What’s that commercial? Set it and forget it.

I might assume they mean this

Possibly with some extra bits if there is ‘low health’.

As this is part of core Plasma functionality and does not seem currently configurable … its something for the KDE devs to chew on. I have not looked but there may already be a feature request or bug report.

(You can see I also wouldnt mind hiding some bits, like the “Power Profile” part thats hardcoded there, as I dont use power-profiles-daemon.)

Don’t open the menu then?
What info are you after?
If I just hover over the icon, I get some info about the state.
I don’t need to open it to see the percentage.

I looked around and believe I found the entries you wanted removed @XIdiot.

You can download the zip here:

Unpack the contents and drop the folder (org.kde.plasma.xldiotbattery) into ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids.

Then you can add it to your panel like any other widget.

(Note the lack of the “Health” line. Ignore the multiple battery icons from my testing. :blush:)

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