How will l setup Imweel full installation with startup in manjaro?

Hello buddy, Recently I converted in Manjaro from Ubuntu.
On ubuntu I was using imwheel smothly but I’m not familiar with manjaro,

does know someone how will setup imwheel also with startup application?

Hi @Imran,

imwheel is in the community repository:

$ pamac search imwheel
imwheel                                                                                                                                                                                                                             1.0.0pre12-6  community
Mouse wheel configuration tool for XFree86/Xorg

So it can be installed using:

pamac install imwheel

Regarding automatic startup, if it doesn’t already do it automatically you should be able to add it via LauncherSystem settingsWorkplaceStartup and shutdownAutostart, and clicking the Add in the bottom.

Hope it helps!