How WebsiteLayouts are displayed (at only 6columns)

Hi, I feel like a little stupid, but I need to know if there’s any way to “correct” that issue.

Recently I’ve upgraded my setup with an 4k display. Everything went fine, besides X11 can’t handle odd scaling, but a switch to Wayland will happen once I do a new-install of my system, so on I can live with that BUT there’s an other issue.

It’s about that weird way, a lot of webpages display their content. For a nice example I suggest YouTube, it somehow constricts itself to only 6 columns of displayed content, no fsssss given how wide the resolution offers the content to be displayed.

I uploaded a picture where it shows those 6 columns. I also tried it (just for sake) on a Windows machine and the result was the same. No more than 6 columns, if you zoom in like crazy you get less but never more than 6.

I also went on the hunt of some “special” CSS property to tweak the problem, but I must admit I quite have any clue about web development. I saw this kind of web page styling already on other pages where you couldn’t see any more than a fixed number of columns…so its not a YouTube only “problem”…

So the question is out, does anybody know something to get around that?

Most websites apply scaling rules in the CSS and no website applies the same rules.

Unless you create your own CSS rules and let some ADD-ON to capture the website and alter the CSS you are stuck with what-ever the site manager decides.

So it is really not a Manjaro issue more a preferences issue for your specific preferences and there is really no way any member could provide useful information in this regard.

Sorry for being blunt - this topic is closed - too broad - to much personal preference - impossible to answer.

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