How to watch streaming on a legacy TV set

Hello !
I’m looking for an unexpensive solution to be able to watch classic TV channels and some movies recorded on a legacy LG 32LD420 which has no smarttv function.
It has HDMI, SCART, RGB, RS-232-C ports but no RJ45 or other ethernet.
For the network there is a FritzBox 7530 which has dlna, nas and multimedia features (not sure what they mean by that)
All my computers are Manjaro or debian
The box and the TV are right next to each other, so the ethernet does it as well as the wifi.
I don’t know much about networks and even less about media center :slight_smile:
If you have suggestions, experience, tips, I’ll take them!

I solved this for myself using Kodi as software and raspberry pi connected via hdmi to my tv.

You can actually run kodi on your computer first to familiarize yourself with it, to find out if this is what you are actually looking for.

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This seems interesting, what about a pi 3 + Osmc ?
What is needed in addition of the pi ? (RAM, case, cooling ?)

When i did this i just bought a cana starter kit from amazon, as i had never done anything with a pi before. For convenience i also got myself a small wireless keyboard as remote Control.

The use as media center is really ram intensive and the one i bought was overkill. For the software and os i recommend kodi running on librelec. I have all my content on a NAS but the pi has also usb ports to support the attaching of an external hard drive. Connection to my tv was then via hdmi cable.

If you already have your content digitalized, I really highly recommend to play around with kodi on your computer, getting to know how to set things up and finding out if this is what you are looking for before springing money for hardware.
You will find plenty of web resources telling you more about kodi, there are ways of getting pirated content, which i don’t do or condone as my own collection is large enough. But it is worth a read, apparently a newer version of kodi 19 is currently making first steps, and is reported to be a bit buggy, the versions of kodi 18 so far are rock stable.

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How much RAM do you suggest ?

I‘m running this on a raspberry pi 4 with 4 GB RAM, i think its overkill, but the system runs smoothly, and i don’t have any issues despite streaming my content via w lan from the NAS.

I‘m no expert, as i said this was my first pi project, and I’m just giddy a a schoolboy that it works so smoothly. Now im waiting for my cable provider to increase the price again, and will then cut the cable.

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