How to wake from sleep?

Just curious, if I ran my computer like this, using startx would start the GUI and run like it normally would, right?

Out of curiosity, are there any BIOSes that are designed for Linux?

While there may be BIOS optimisation and configuration targetting Linux, this would be (at best) only likely with manufacturers who happen to build and sell machines with Linux pre-installed. This doesn’t particularly help you unless you’re shopping for a new computer.

Here is a recent and related thread: Are there any particular mainstream laptop manufacturers that are more linux friendly than others that may be of interest.

A BIOS is specific to a certain range of machines; they are not otherwise interchangeable in any way. So, with that clarification out of the way, for the majority of computers bought and sold, the short answer is no.

Ah, I see. Well alrighty then, I was just curious lol. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

Consider the BIOS information I previously found for you, though. The v6.50 BIOS for your machine looks like it just might be worth updating to. It might even solve the sleep issues you’ve had (might not, too, but still worth trying). There should probably be instructions somewhere on that site for the update procedure.


Edit:- There’s also this; More Linux powered PCs that I just rediscovered.

In general, yes, you would just skip the graphical login (Display-Manager).

A long time ago, I used to have my stuff set up to where it would boot without X until I explicitly used startx. But I quit doing that 'cause it would make some things act weird. If I wanted to do that again, have my computer boot without anything x related running (xfce4, lightdm, etc), would this be a good way to go about it, or do I still need to change something in GRUB? I know it’s an off-topic question, but it would be nice to get my stuff set up that way again since I don’t really use anything X related unless I’m getting on here, YouTube, or Discord.

In general, if suspending works in “text mode”, then I assume there is a blocker. Probably the GPU doesn’t wake up properly. So no, that would make 0 difference, just ignoring the problem.

Try an older LTS kernel here or install your Manjaro in UEFI mode and not in Legacy mode. That would make a difference on newer kernel versions.

On some machines it would help to set the OSI (Operating System Interface). That means that the Linux Kernel tells the BIOS that it is not Linux, but a specific Windows Version. See:

I’m sorry, when I wrote:

I was talking about just booting the computer to CLI in general, not as a way to make suspend work.

Yeah, you set the default target to and it will never reach Yes that will be always CLI.

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Excellent. Thank you. I’ll toy around with it. As far as suspend is concerned, I think I’m gonna have to just continue to live without it, which really isn’t a big deal. The only reason I even cared enough to post was 'cause I had a power outage recently and I tried to charge my phone on the laptop and was only able to charge it about a quarter of the way before my laptop died, and I figured I could’ve squeezed more juice out if I had been able to get everything to turn off except the USB ports via suspend lol. So like I said, it’s really not important. Honestly, if you want to close the topic, or have someone else close it, that would be fine 'cause there’s really not much I can do outside of get a laptop that isn’t so ancient lmao. But again, thank you for your time and insight, I really do appreciate it!

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