How to use Zram on a hardware with 2Gb memory ?

Hi everybody,

I've got a 2-in-1 laptop with 2Gb memory. I think it will be a good choice to use Zram rather than a swap partition (especially on an Emmc storage).

Have you got advices to give to me in my case ?


The best explanation there is

I saw this tutorial and it seems there is a package on AUR that configure zram automatically.

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Yes, that is a very good tutorial.
And systemd-swap is also useful as you do not have to do anything, just install the package. The issue with it (for those that want to hibernate their system) is failing now (it used to work).

I would use zswap, because zram with too little RAM is no fun, just more CPU cycles. Zswap uses a swap partition for low priority runtime data, but does most of the priority work in compressed RAM.

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I will try systemd-swap.

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